2018 Speakers Schedule

Date Speaker Company Title Minutes link
23 January 2018 George Jessel High Sheriff of Kent From Tractors to Tights
27 February 2018 CANCELLED
27 March 2018 Peter Thompson GWCT Farmer Clusters – working together to help deliver better soil, water and wildlife + potentially much, much more!
24 April 2018 Jeremy Kerswell Plumpton College Change Transformation – Plumpton College and the Rural Sector
22 May 2018 Jamie Stotzka Plantworks UK Sustainable Farming for Biologically Active Soils
26 June 2018 Henry Moses My Farm Talk – Australia!
25 September 2018 Rob James Thanet Earth TBC
23 October 2018 James Fuller Furley Page Land and Society: Changes in the Use and Concept of Land in Kent During the Long 18th Century
20 November 2018 Frazer Thompson Chapel Down TBC
11 December 2018 Robin Page Countryside Restoration Trust Birds, Bees and Farming; 25 years of farming for food and wildlife

2017 Speakers Schedule

Date Speaker Company Title Minutes link
23 January 2017 William Iliffe Southern England Farms The History behind Southern England Farms
27 February 2017 James Wrighton Vitacress UK Salad Production and a Brief Overview of Vitacress as a Business
27 March 2017 Guy and Claire Eckley Eckley Farms From Field to Shelf
24 April 2017 James Somerville-Meikle Countryside Alliance The Politics of Shooting and Brexit
22 May 2017 Paul Kelsey Kelsey Farms Commercial Growing and Packing of Soft Fruit
26 June 2017 Andy West FGS Agri Farm and General Services
25 September 2017 Stuart Attwood Total Contact Equine Solutions Equine Track Systems
24 October 2017 Mike Dyer Kreston Reeves Planning for Succession
20 November 2017 Gareth Fulton Elmley Nature Reserve Restoring and Enhancing Elmley’s Heritage
12 December 2017 Robin Betts Winterdale Cheesemakers The First Carbon Neutral Cheese?

2016 Speakers Schedule

Date Speaker Title Minutes link
26 February 2016 Stefano Cuomo Macknade Fine Foods
21 March 2016 Andrew Martin Broad Stream Farming
25 April 2016 Stuart Roberts Cereal and Beef Farming
23 May 2016 Professor Simon Blackmore Farming in 2050
27 June 2016 Christopher Price Presentation Following Referendum on Brexit
26 September 2016 Martin Bowman Kent Gleaning Network
24 October 2016 Marie Prebble & Kristina Boulden The Sun Never Sets on the Romney Sheep
28 November 2016 Dr Tina Barsby 21st Century Plant Breeding
19 December 2016 John Bennett The Work of the Kent Wildlife Trust