Canterbury Farmers Club

The Canterbury Farmers Club was formed in January 1793 and may well be the oldest farmers’ club in the country. Its objectives are to stimulate understanding and discussion between those with an interest in agriculture or rural affairs. Today it has a membership of around 350 from a wide area in Kent, and whilst the majority earn their livelihood from farming the land, there is a significant proportion of members who are involved in the allied professions (the law, land agency, agronomy, education, accountancy, etc).

The history of the club, from 1793 to 1993, is the subject of an informative and fascinating book “The Farmers at the Fountain” by Richard Fuller.

Monthly Club meetings are currently held at Cave Hotel and Golf Resort in Boughton, Canterbury, Kent and begin with a presentation from a guest speaker or perhaps a debate on topics of current relevance to members, followed by a seated supper. Attendance of these popular meetings ranges from 50 to 100, and guests of members are always welcome.

The Club is a proud and keen supporter of the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution and the Nuffield Farming Scholarship Trust.

If you’re a farmer in Kent, or in an agricultural profession, come along to the Canterbury Farmers Club for some insightful speakers and events, together with support from your local peers.

If you would like more information please contact the Secretary – Chris Hildyard by visiting the Contact Us page. If you would like to join the club you will find full details on the Membership page on this website.